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As a conscious and responsible artist, it has been my calling to contribute to religious and cultural images as testimony to spiritual and multi-cultural diversity. At the same time, my work strives to develop a new expression for sacred spaces that represents ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity by way of a contemporary style that honors the traditions of our ancestors, as well as creating works of art that represent our own time and place. It is my hope, that through these works of art, there will be a renewed understanding of faith and culture.

Lalo Garcia

Lalo Garcia has worked as a principal artist consulting on numerous cultural arts programs and events for communities throughout Southern California. He has led workshops for children and adults on behalf of the Autry National Museum, the Southwest Museum, Dia de los Muertos, Let’s Go Green, Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet, Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day.

His work can be found in many private collections, and his commercial work can be seen in books, product logos, CD covers, and various publications.

Recent Work

  • Pausa 2020 (Triptych)

    Pausa 2020 (Triptych)

  • Pausa 2020 (Triptych)

    Pausa 2020 (Triptych)

  • Migrantes Divinos

    Migrantes Divinos

  • Campesino de la Esperanza

    Campesino de la Esperanza

  • De la Obscuridad a la Luz

    De la Obscuridad a la Luz

  • Santa Teresa de Calcuta

    Santa Teresa de Calcuta

  • Patriarca de la Redención

    Patriarca de la Redención

  • La Promesa de mi Padre

    La Promesa de mi Padre

  • Cihualpulli Tonantzin

    Cihualpulli Tonantzin

  • The Eucharist, Source & Summit

    The Eucharist, Source & Summit

  • La Intervención de Maria

    La Intervención de Maria

  • Totus Tuus

    Totus Tuus

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